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Relieving the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

There is no doubt that being an entrepreneur is a rewarding and potentially lucrative career. Still, it brings a lot of stress with it. This is particularly true at the very beginning when you are just starting your new business venture. You can’t let any anxieties get

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Entrepreneurs And Plants

Once an entrepreneur manages to grow their business to a certain size they will need to expand their operations. This will involve finding an office for their employees to work in. Those who have spent time in corporate environments may notice that plants are fairly prevalent. This

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Entrepreneurship for the newbie

Entrepreneurships are not just for those with years of experience or who have loads of money; or alternatively for those who have backing from people who have loads of money and years of experience. No, quite simply, anyone who is willing to take a chance and put

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Why Not Start Up Your Own Business?

Undoubtedly, there has never been a better time to develop your inner entrepreneur and set up your own business venture in the current climate. Self-employment has boomed during the Covid 19 pandemic, and as people turn away from traditional stores, the online sector has thrived. Take some

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Improve Entrepreneurial Success with a Positive Self-Image

Self-esteem may accurately predict success or failure in a new business venture. According to Martin Zwilling of Startup Professionals, individuals with low self-esteem often overcompensate by projecting an egotistical attitude in the workplace. Such behavior tears down workplace relationships with customers and colleagues, ultimately leading to the

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The Importance of Intranets for Start-Ups

The failure rate for up and coming businesses is alarmingly high. Only the most efficient ones will survive. A large number of failed start-ups can be attributed to both the competitive nature of their sectors and the inability of managers to provide an environment where ideas are

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The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed